LunchLobby.com Strategic Partnership

Point of Contact:

Phil Leisure


Director Of Business Development

(513) 257-4916


LunchLobby’s mission is to promote easy access to restaurant meals. Until now, these meals may have been inaccessible due to geographic constraints, or inconvenient as a result of an inefficient take-out and delivery model. We partner with local restaurants to provide “pop-up” style food service, allowing our restaurant partners to introduce diverse and exciting cuisine to corporate, residential, and educational facilities. Our restaurant partners get an opportunity to communicate face-to-face with their customers the excitement they have for their food. In addition to our “pop-up” service, we also have a business catering platform that facilitates a first-class catering experience in an office setting. We feel passionately about the ability to connect great people with great food, and are focused on continual expansion of the LunchLobby platform.

BookIndyFoodTrucks.com’s mission is to create and connect food truck operators with profitable opportunities.  

Ok so what is LunchLobby.com? Well...for us they're a new revenue stream and supplemental booking company. This is also a year round revenue stream! They work with property owners and location managers to place lunch service in office buildings that don't have in-house food service and have tenants that have limited lunch time windows or availability.

They contract with the property owners to provide lunch service anywhere from once a week to five times a week per location. Lunch Lobby does all the marketing and customer acquisition costs! You as an operator once signed up, go to their website and review the open lunch shifts available. The cost of the shift is based on the building occupancy and past sales numbers.

The reason that we forged this partnership was to introduce our members to an opportunity that could increase our members revenue potinital.  In addition to giving our members a year round revenue model.